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How to Order Chinese Jacks:


EASY as 1 - 2 - 3 !


1.  Email us at info@buychinesejacks.com and tell us

What colors

for your sets

5 in a standard set or see our Gallery tab above for color, size, and premium set options 


How many sets

you would like to buy.



2. We send you a PAYPAL request


3. You follow PAYPAL instructions for payment

Then you will receive your Jacks via 1st Class Mail!  Usually ships within 2 business days of receiving payment!



Typical prices for set of 5 Chinese Jacks:

1 Set:         $8

2 Sets:      $15

3 Sets:      $22

4 Sets:      $28

Add $2 shipping. Carrying pouch, & instructions are included!

Premium Sets are $9 each.   Micro Sets are $6 each.


Also, you can usually find our jacks on eBay!  Just click here to see our active listings.


We also have bright aluminum (silver)


For more information, please email us at info@buychinesejacks.com

Just click on the address above if you have MS Outlook if not, type  info@buychinesejacks.com  in your email